AirPods Pro ‘Lite’

AirPods Pro Lite
AirPods Pro Lite

Tech giant Apple has recently gone on to confirm that it is working on releasing an AirPods Pro ‘Lite’ version. This new variant of truly wireless earbuds from the company will make way without its rather popular active noise cancelation feature and is also expected to make way with a lower price tag.

As per what the latest speculation is suggestive of : Apple is actually working on such a product so as to expand its presence in the wireless earphones market – which of course has grown immensely in the more recent times. The report proceeds on to claim that the Lite variant of the Airpods Pro will make way without the aid of noise cancelation and will launch sometime within the first half of next year. At this moment in time, the company is actually engaged in the development of system-in-package (SIP) product which of course contains ‘H1,’ – this being an AirPod audio driver chip – via a domestic materials partner.

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The SIP which exists as at this moment in time makes way with a rounded shape, while the upcoming Lite variant is actually expected to make way with a simple square design. In accordance with what the report concludes, it is scheduled to undergo quality verification within this year while the production will start next year. As per a close source to the matter, the price that these new wearables will command would actually be 20 percent lower than the price of the Airpods Pro – which of course makes way with active noise cancelation technology.

Apparently, it has been said that Apple actually planned on to launch the Airpods Pro Lite immediately after the base Airpods Pro. However, the demand as well as the popularity of the latter product exceeding expectations meant that Apple took upon itself to delay the product and maximize the sales as well as its margins. The tech giant is known to be one the most popular brand in the hearables market – and so a move towards the launch of more affordable Airpods would only benefit the company’s position within the industry.


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