Alcatel fingerprint sensor featured 1X Android Go phone is about to hit the US market. The 1X, one of the two mobile phones that Alcatel could reveal at Mobile World Congress held the last month, is expected to come to the US.

The company has confirmed the arrival of the phone that will be retailed for $100 under the name “1X“. The company has also confirmed that the phone will arrive in the upcoming months along with the midrange 3V.

Alcatel 1X is the brand’s very first Mobile Phone that will feature Android Go, which is a version of the OS that is customized for lower-performing hardware.

Another phone that got revealed at Mobile World Congress of this year is the company’s dual-camera 3V smartphone. 3V smartphone abd the affordable 1X will be GSM-unlocked and are most likely to be available in the coming months.

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IX by Alcatel is not the only phone with Android Go, as Mobile World Congress of this year saw multiple companies announcing phones that would support the new Android Go OS.

The point to be mentioned here is that it was pitched as a way for cheaper phones in developing countries to keep parity with Android versions in the regions with more powerful devices.

 The US consumers could certainly use an affordable smartphone that could run the latest apps.

The 1X by Alcatel is expected to retail for $100. The mobile phone will be the first in the US to offer an 18:9 screen ratio (5.5 inch) at this price, expectedly. Another thing to be mentioned here is that the US edition comes with a fingerprint sensor.

As we know that in Spain, the 3V is not the highest-end phone in Alcatel’s lineup, but 3V does have a few things going for it. And the most popular  among them is a 2160×1080 screen and the company’s very first dual-camera setup in its US-sold devices. The dual camera set up of 3V contains a main 12-megapixel that is paired with a wide-angle 2-megapixel.


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