Back in March, we saw the addition of Alexa to Amazon’s shopping app on iOS devices. This left the Android users feeling a bit left out. However, now Amazon has decided to add its popular assistant to the Amazon app on Android aswell. There hasn’t been any official statement by Amazon as of yet, however, there was a confirmation from the company to TechCrunch that the integration is indeed rolling out this week. Some of the users might already have it at their disposal, while other will not have to wait very long.

Some might consider the addition of Alexa to the Amazon shopping app might seem a bit strange, and these feelings do indeed have certain merit. I mean, Alexa itself is pretty cool, as you can ask the assistant what weather you should expect, or you can ask Alexa to play a song that you like, or just ask the assistant a question, and it will answer the question to the best of its ability. These features certainly might seem as attractive to you, and they indeed are, but one thing is for sure, you wouldn’t exactly see the average shopper asking these sorts of questions when they are shopping for something, would you?

The Alexa integration would probably not enhance the value of the shopping experience, as this move is probably to enhance credibility, rather than improve shopping experience. What Amazon basically wants to do is to make use of its huge user base, and show exactly what Alexa is capable of. Perhaps the introduction of Alexa to the android shopping app does indeed help Amazon increase sales, and if it does, then it will be considered a great move by Amazon. However, only time can tell how the sales are actually affected.


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