Ali Sadpara becomes first Pakistani to scale 8 peaks of above 8000m Altitude

Ali Sadpara becomes first Pakistani to scale 8 peaks of above 8000m Altitude
Ali Sadpara becomes first Pakistani to scale 8 peaks of above 8000m Altitude

It is with great pride that we tell you that Pakistan has a high altitude mountain climber on their hands as well. The mountaineer, Muhammad Ali Sadpara has just become the first ever Pakistani climber to have climbed eight peaks which are all above the altitude of 8,000 meters. The amazing mountaineer just climbed the on top of the Mountain Manaslu and has in turn made achieved this record.

In this regard the Secretary Alpine Club of Pakistan, Karrar Haidri said while talking to the media that”The rope-fixing team deployed by Nepal’s Seven Summit Treks (SST) is the first team to climb the mountain in the autumn season. It reached to the summit point at 1:45 pm local time on Tuesday, opening its climbing route above Camp IV,”

Karrar while quoting Managing Director of SST, Tashi Lakpa Sherpa said that Ali Sadpara achieved the feat along with four local Nepali’s  Sherpas Ngima Dorchi, Ngima Thenduk, Tenji Chhombi and Namgya Bhote. Haidri further added that “The team had left for the high camps on Friday to open the summit route. It battled for hours to trace the route due to deep snow. However, finally made to the summit after the mountain witnessed fair weather,”

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Moreover,it is a great moment for Pakistan that a climber from our ranks was able to achieve this great milestone and he has recently climbed the Mount Manaslu which has an astounding elevation of 8,156 meters and is also considered to be the eighth highest mountain in the world. It should be also noted that this mountain has in the past been dubbed as the ‘Killer mountain of Nepal’, having a record number of deaths. Record is a record, but the amount of bravery and sacrifice it would have took to get this reward is truly remarkable and something to be proud of.

Sadpara is of 43 years of age and belongs to an area in the very beautiful valley of Skardu. He is currently collaborating with SST in the pursuit of his own 148,000’er quest. He is already more than halfway there as he has summited all Pakistan’s 8,000’ers, including the first-ever winter climb of Nanga Parbat in 2016. Climbing that mountain in the winter months is unbelievable but our man of Steel did it. More power to you sir.


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