AliBaba is without a doubt the largest e-commerce and e-marketing business of China and possibly the entire world. However, they have accessed and infiltrated other ventures to expand their business among which is the Flyzoo hotel. Located in Hangzhou China, the 290-room hotel has a strong influence of technology inside aiming to make the process of staying in a hotel as comfortable for a customer as possible.

The presence of AI in the hotel cannot be ignored and at every step of the way; from checking in to ordering meals, AI is at your service to provide a hassle-free experience. Starting off with a Check-in, you can first book hotel with the Flyzoo app which offers a 3D view of each and every room and you can choose which room to stay in with whatever view. It also integrates with the hotel tech when you check in, as for Chinese nationals a face recognition is enough. You have your picture taken at the front kiosk and can access your phone via the picture taken for keyless entry. Even the elevators use your face to detect the floor you want to go on! This is an exciting implementation of the tech that we see out there in the world.

Now comes the experience within the room which is another voice command away. Using the alexa type Tmall genie assistant on your bedside you can adjust the room temperature, watch TV, adjust curtains and light and also order food! And guess who is bringing you your meals and towels? Well! you guessed it, it’s a Robot. The app sends you a pass code which you put into the robot to access your things which the robot brings.


Lastly, the gym, which hosts a variety of digital exercising aids to help you get better exercise. Andy Wang, the CEO of the hotel has some great words for this huge accomplishment in tech!

As smart technology is reshaping industries, the FlyZoo Hotel represents Alibaba’s endeavor to marry hospitality with technology, and ultimately inspire and empower the tourism industry to embrace innovation

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