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AliBaba is Interested in working in Pakistan – Michael Evans states

A meeting held between Alibaba’s delegation and Minister of commerce Mr. Khurram Dastagir, Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company providing consumer to consumer,  consumer to businesses and businesses to businesses sales services via Web portals. The company has sent its delegation in Pakistan under the leadership of Mr. Michael Evans,  president of Ali baba who will discuss and explore investment opportunities in the country in a two-day visit here.

Mr. Michael Evans,  appreciated the hospitality and warm welcome received from government of Pakistan in a meeting attended by Mr. Khurram Dastagir secretary finance,  chairman BOI and other distinguished participants like representatives from FBR, state bank and commercial bank and other relevant government officials to share their views following question answer session between Michael Evans and other participants.

Michael Evans said

     “Alibaba is interested in starting its operation in Pakistan and to tap into this high potential market. “

He also offered Pakistan Alibaba’s services to bring businesses and consumers in contact from all over the world to create opportunities for small and medium enterprises and millions of jobs for jobless people.

Khurram Dastagir unveiled the fact that Ali Baba can become an important part of the digital economy of Pakistan and can play its role in its growth in the next decades.

He also welcomed Alibaba group to Pakistan to extend full support and facilitation and called E – commerce as it is in its infancy in Pakistan as compared to the global trends but also said that it is growing up by and by.

Khurram Dastagir also said E – commerce may surpass  $1 billion in 200 due to exponential growth in mobile broadband access. Pakistan leads in mobile banking transaction in South Asia with 11%of mobile phones used by citizens to transact finance and Pakistan’s E -commerce industry is Almost  $100 million with about 30 million Internet users.

Mr.Khurram Dastagir also told the participants about the global development in digital trade and E-commerce,  further he informed that ministry of commerce is working on a policy framework for the development of E-commerce and digital trade in the country.


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