All Retail Stores Of Microsoft To Shut Down


Software giant in Microsoft has in recent times announced that it is shutting down all of its stores. While many might have imagined Covd-19 playing the integral part in the decision, it isn’t the case as the company has in fact claimed that the decision is part of a strategic change in the retail operations that it has adopted as the retail team members will proceed and continue to work from earth Microsoft corporate facilities or indeed remotely in sales, training or indeed support.

David Porter who happens to be the company’s corporate vice president in a recent post on Linkedin proceeded on to claim that there are in fact three areas where the company aims to serve the customers. First and foremost, the executive said : “Our team members will continue to serve consumer, small business, education, and enterprise customers, focused on sales, training and support. They will work from Microsoft corporate office and remotely. Our commitment to growing and developing careers from this diverse talent pool is stronger than ever.

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Moreover, the executive continued to make claims by saying : “We will make our digital storefronts the best place to learn, buy, and receive support across software and hardware. Today we offer tools including virtual customer support from our trusted experts, online tutorial videos, virtual workshops and tips and much more. We will continue to invest in innovative digital solutions, including new services such as 1:1 video sales report.”

Thirdly, David highlighted yet another important aspect of it all by saying : “We will also reimagine new spaces that serve our customers, including our Microsoft facilities in London, New York City, Sydney and Redmond campus locations. We will continue to co-locate engineering, sales, support, envisioning centers, executive briefing centers and retail spaces for maximum impact for our customers and our company.”

By the looks of it, and of course courtesy of the statement given out by the company, Microsoft is also gearing up and looking towards the future as it was stated that the technology giant will actually invest in digital innovation across software as well as across hardware – with these new services including the likes of 1:1 video chat support, online tutorial videos as well as virtual workshops and of course other digital solutions.


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