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All you need to know about Android 14

Android 14 is the next generation of Android. We anticipate every Android update with eager anticipation as it keeps improving. Here’s what we know so far. 

How soon will Android 14 be released?

Android 14 is expected to be released in Q3 2023, though no official release date has been announced. During the past few years, Google has been erratic with its releases, but they usually fall after the summer. These were the dates when the last full versions were released:

· Android 13 – August 2022

· Android 12 – October 2021

· Android 11 – September 2020

· Android 10 – September 2019

Android 14 will be called what?

In terms of naming Android versions, Google takes a whimsical approach. With Android 10, the company stopped using deserts as inspiration and instead went with a number. Although the internal codenames have confectionary connotations, they haven’t been kept secret. At Google, we affectionately refer to the numbered Android versions as follows: 

· Android 10 – Quince Tart

· Android 11 – Red Velvet Cake

· Android 12 – Snow Cone

· Android 13 – Tiramisu

It’s clear from the alphabetical sequence that Android 14’s desert of choice starts with U. According to 9to5Google, Google engineers have referred to this cake as Upside Down Cake despite the difficult letter. The company should keep using version numbers instead since it’s a stretch. Regardless, Google has already completed half of the alphabet with Android 14.

Android 14 will have what new features?

When Google pulls back the covers on Android 14, we won’t know exactly what new features we’ll see. Android 13 may be another iterative update, as Android 12 brought a visual overhaul, and Android 13 will add a few things mainly behind the scenes. Android 14 has begun to leak a few things, however.

Satellite calls

He claimed his team was ‘designing for satellites’ in a tweet posted in September 2022. 

This means emergency calls can be made via satellite coverage, as we have seen with the iPhone 14 range. We suspect that only new phones will work with this, although it is unclear if existing phones will also work. 

Predictive Back Navigation

Android 14 could fix the issue of navigating back to a previous page using the back button or swipe gesture but instead finding you quit the app. 

There is only sometimes a consistent back gesture across apps that a user can trust. When you use the new predictive back navigation, you will see a sneak peek of your home screen before you complete your command, so you’ll know whether to proceed. You should avoid inadvertently leaving an app using this feature despite sounding complicated. Since Android 13 wasn’t released before the feature was finished, it should now be launched in Android 14 as planned. 

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Phones licensed by Google could be restricted from accessing the nearby share.

In Google’s announcement, the predecessor to Nearby Share – Android Beam – will no longer be included in AOSP (Android Open Source Project). The only reason this is significant is that Nearby Share relies on Google Mobile Services, which means manufacturers not signed up for Google’s licensing agreements (such as Huawei) will not be able to share data wirelessly. Most people will not experience this, but it is worth noting.

Is Android 14 coming to your phone?

Android 14 should be available on most Android smartphones released in the last year or so, although how quickly it is implemented will depend on the manufacturers. To find out if your handset is listed on the manufacturer’s website, you have to check their website. 

If that’s not your cup of tea, then you can always browse our reviews of the best budget phones, mid-range phones, and best Android smartphones to see if one of them will meet your requirements. 


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