Alligator iPhone 14 Pro Max ‘first glance’ shows the biggest design changes

iPhone 14 Pro Max

If a leaky replica unit is any indication, the iPhone 14 Pro models that will launch this fall will be very similar to their predecessors. There will be some design differences between these new phones and their iPhone 13 PRO counterparts.

This is the message from Unbox Therapy ‘s new video. The YouTuber shows what he calls a 1-to-1 replica of the iPhone 14 Pro Max that was sent to him in China. Case makers often make replica units based on the phone’s schematics to ensure that cases fit any future phones. We assume this is what Unbox Therapy is doing here.

Unbox Therapy explains in the video that “I’m quite confident that what I hold is something very, very similar with imperceivable distinctions from the iPhone 14 Pro Max which will launch very soon.”

The replica unit is stacked up against the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It looks like Apple’s new phone might be less wide (76.6mm versus 78.1mm) but it may be slightly thicker (7.9mm instead of 7.7mm). They appear to be approximately the same height. These dimensions match what we have previously heard about Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max plans.

The video shows one of the most interesting changes to the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s camera array. It is slightly larger than the one on iPhone 13 Pro Max. This change was previously shown in , a YouTube video that showed the iPhone 14 Pro Max designs. Unbox Therapy’s video provides more details by measuring the larger lenses that will be featured on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. They measure 16.2mm wide on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, while 15.5mm are on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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This would indicate that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a wider aperture, meaning the lenses can capture more light. For this reason, a larger aperture is especially useful in low-light settings.

Rumours have also circulated that the iPhone 14 Pro’s main camera will be upgraded to a 48MP shoter, after many years of being a 12MP lens. This would explain the larger array of cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro Max copy unit.

Another rumor about the iPhone 14 Pro claims that Apple will replace the notch at the front with two cutouts. One is round and the other is pill-shaped. The standard iPhone 14 models will keep the notch. Although the Replica unit featured in Unbox Therapy doesn’t have a functioning display, it does include the rumored cutouts.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max video also reveals subtler changes. The replica unit is smaller than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, has fewer antenna bands, and has a larger power switch. These phones will look almost identical when placed next to one another.

We will have to wait a while before we can compare this iPhone 14 Pro Max replica unit with the real thing. The iPhone 14 launch date won’t likely occur until the fall. We should still have a good idea of the new phones by the time the launch happens, considering the rapid pace of leaks about the iPhone 14.

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