Amazing Stat: Xiaomi have sold over 20 Million Redmi Note 7 phones in the last 7 months

Amazing Stat: Xiaomi have sold over 20 Million Redmi Note 7 phones in the last 7 months
Amazing Stat: Xiaomi have sold over 20 Million Redmi Note 7 phones in the last 7 months

Xiaomi have really stepped up their game when it comes to mobile phone technology and are really giving there competitors a very hard time, competitors such as OPPO and Vivo have suddenly gained some pressure when it comes to the category of phones found in mid-range. The company have without a doubt been successful over the past few years and have really found their rhythm in the smartphone market. The amazing price they offer and the amount of features coupled with an astonishing design are some of the highlight features which have helped the company’s Redmi series become renowned in that price market. Although Redmi was initially a sub-brand of the company Xiaomi, they have now achieved an independent status and the brand has been accepted in open arms by the technological world.

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Moreover in a post they shared on their Weibo page, Xiaomi have claimed that the sales of the Redmi Note 7 series have crossed the 20 million units mark. Now given that the phone was only launched about seven months ago this should be considered as an amazing achievement by the company and they have truly established an amazing brand profile. The figure has given us the stats of all the phones the company have sold in the globe. By May the company had been able to sell upward of 10 million units, as per the data provided to us and after may in just 2 and half months the company have been able to sell another 10 million units which is truly amazing. In India alone, the company were able to sell 5 million units, the highest number of phones by a company sold in that country.

In the post mad on Weibo, the company have thanked there 20 million users of the Redmi Note 7 smartphone and have hinted that the time has come to take a leap of faith in the upcoming Redmi Note 8. As per the latest news, it is believed that the Chinese giant have an announcement scheduled for tomorrow regarding the Redmi Note 8 as the post ends with the words “see you tomorrow”. Now you may think that the company are planning to announce the Note 8, but we can say it with confidence that this won’t be the case, instead the company may well announce the launch date of the Redmi Note 8.


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