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Amazon Alexa outsmarted by Google in 3,000 questions Quiz

Amazon’s Alexa, according to eMarketer has 70% share of voice-controlled speaker market, however, it seems that to judge the smart speaker by it sales would not be a wise thing to do, especially when you consider the competition between Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home because Ad Age has recently revealed a study which states that the Google Home is six times more likely to answer a question correctly, when compared to its rival, the Alexa.

Proprietary software was used to ask both of the speakers around 3,000 questions, and it was hence found that the Google Home answered questions 6 times more accurately. The results were indeed surprising, especially when you consider the success that Amazon has had with the Alexa.

Google gains much of its information from the Knowledge Graph, which is a database of facts. Not only this, but the Knowledge Graph is a huge program, which links the information services all over the web to optimize search results. Meanwhile, Amazon works with information and content partners to source its data. To the casual user — especially since these AI operations are all done in the cloud — there may be no perceptible difference to Google and Amazon’s results. But the search giant’s data set is vast. However, due to Amazon’s consumer insight growing larger by the day, the Alexa is much better than the Home when it comes down to shopping.

While it may seem to be important that the Alexa gets the answers to the questions right, at least many more products are compatible with the Alaxa, when compared with the Google Home. So, even if the answer is not correct right away, it might be after some tries. Product compatibility is important, and perhaps this is the reason Alexa is so popular.



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