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Amazon Launches It’s Air Cargo Service

One of the biggest e-commerce stores of today, amazon is pleased to launch it air-cargo service now. The contract for the service includes about 40 aircraft for the service. The air jet was named “amazon one” which made its appearance yesterday at the annual Sea fair air festival in Seattle

Dave Clark stated:

“Once we have all 40 of these planes deployed, there’s the opportunity to create new connections for customers. Inventory that might not have been available next day suddenly could be available next day for customers. But really, it’s all about building core capacity for our Prime service for customers”

He further added,“Creating an air transportation network is expanding our capacity to ensure great delivery speeds for our Prime members for years to come”

The rumors for the launch of this service were viral since the last year. According to Seattle Times was stressed due to the late shipment of cargo including UPS. But to cover it up amazon had given away $20 gift cards to the customers that suffered through this delay!


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