This week earlier this week, announced the launch of a variety of new products to be sold in the market worldwide. One of these announcements is the brand latest Echo Series of Smart Speakers. Let’s take a look at the three models that are new.

The giant of e-commerce has revealed the fifth generation Echo Dot, Echo Dot Kids and The Echo Studio smart speakers. These models are updated with a fresh appearance and improved speakers. In terms of the most popular model first it is the Echo Studio. Echo Studio features Spatial audio and 3-D sound support. It has digital processing options, such as upmixing and virtualization, which transforms this model Echo Studio into a hi-fi audio system. The model is also compatible equipped with Amazon Music Unlimited service.

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Moving ahead, the 5th generation Echo Dot has a design like its predecessor but it was equipped with better technology. It features a bigger speaker, which is expected to produce more powerful sound, as well as punchier bass and better vocal clarity. In addition, the company unveiled its Echo Dot with Clock, with a new dot display that’s more bright and has a greater resolution. This display will display the time, the song’s title as well as weather information as well as other information.

Finally, there’s an Echo Dot Kids that is famous for its distinctive and vibrant designs, including the Owl and Dragon variation. This Echo Dot Kids comes with Amazon Kids+, which is designed for children specifically. It is able to automatically switch on an intelligent fan in response to the temperature of the room, while working as WiFi extenders. Its Echo Studio has a price cost of 199.99 US Dollars, while the Echo Dot without clock costs 49.99 US Dollars. For the Echo Dot with Clock and the Echo Dot Kids is offered at 59.99 US Dollars.


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