Americans Continue To Pay Hefty Fee For Licenses And Hunting Down Markhor


An American resident has pursued the most elevated evaluated Astore markhor, an uncommon animal types in Gilgit-Baltistan, in the wake of paying $61,500 as a permit charge during the momentum chasing prize season. 

Edward Joseph Hudson chased the markhor close to the Dashkin-Mushkin-Tarbuling (DMT) protection zone in Astore, as per the Gilgit-Baltistan untamed life office. 

The horns of the pursued animal were estimated at 41 inches. 

For the prize chasing system of 2020-21, the Gilgit-Baltistan untamed life, climate and woodland office has unloaded just four licenses for Astore markhor, 18 for blue sheep and 150 for Himalayan ibexes. 

The prize chasing program begins in November and finishes in April. Outside, public and neighborhood trackers chase the prizes in protection zones of Gilgit-Baltistan in the wake of getting licenses. 

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The American tracker, Mr Hudson, paid $61,500 to acquire the permit of chasing the most noteworthy appraised Astore markhor. 

A month ago, another American, Jo­­s­­­eph Bradford, pursued a Kashmir markhor with 40-inch horns in Chit­ral’s Toshi Shasha preservation region with a bow, making a record as it was the main prize chasing performed with a bow. He had paid around Rs13.12 million for the grant. 

As per sources, nearby local area gets 80% of the pay gotten from the license expense as its offer which is spent on their aggregate turn of events and independent work of jobless youth through the town protection boards. 

The prize chasing program started during the 1980s. It is completed under the Convention on Interna­tional Trade of Endangered Species of Wildlife and is permitted uniquely in the told zones of Gilgit-Baltistan

Any individual discovered engaged with illicit chasing is gotten and punished.


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