An Innings by Innings Breakdown of Asif Ali’s T20I Record

An Innings by Innings Breakdown of Asif Ali's T20I Record

Asif Ali, who is known for his huge sixes, and blowing cold and hot at times, is the main focus the Pakistani T20I plans. We’ll review of his T20I career to determine how big an impact he can make as well as the things Pakistani cricket fans want from his performance.

The power hitter is able change the course of play around by his powerful shots, and the cricket world has witnessed this more than once.

Asif Ali hit back-to back sixes at the crucial moment to take the exciting game with Afghanistan during the T20 World Cup 2021. While not looking too far into the past, Asif Ali helped Pakistan to notch a respectable total over England at the end of the third game in the current T20I series by scoring 13* off three balls. The hard-hitting batsman has done this many occasions with Islamabad United too.

In his 47 appearances in international cricket, Asif Ali batted 42 times, scoring 494 runs, which is a strike percentage of 138.37 and his average is 15.93.

As Asif Ali is only faced with the occasional ball often when his bat is positioned in the lower orders His average might not matter much since creating the innings isn’t an aspect of his job description. We’ll take a glance at some of his world-class performance to determine his impact as a runner with his ability to hit six and a high strike rate.

The innings we have picked out is in which there is a strike percentage over 150 which is quite impressive when you consider the speed with that of other Pakistani batters are playing in the most compact format.

OpponentRunsBallsSixesStrike Rate
West Indies12050.00
West Indies1481175.00
West Indies25*161156.25
New Zealand24211114.28
New Zealand38342111.76
New Zealand2*3066.66
South Africa1371185.71
South Africa23066.66
South Africa25202125.00
Sri Lanka610060.00
Sri Lanka29270107.40
Sri Lanka12050.00
South Africa78087.50
South Africa59055.55
New Zealand27*123225.00
West Indies14025.00
West Indies971128.57
West Indies21*72300.00
Sri Lanka0100.00
Sri Lanka0100.00

Asif Ali has been batting at an average strike rate of over 150 in 13 of 42 innings. Ali’s appearances are often game-winning, particularly against the top teams at crucial moments. Even though a strike-rate of 125 isn’t too impressive for a player with his skills and, not least, what people would expect that he will score at this level 5 times during the course of his T20I career.

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It is also important to note that Asif Ali, an ace power-hitter isn’t likely to perform consistently. The hard-hitter has scored crucial runs in a number of occasions and has won matches for Pakistan against all odds. But, there were times when he departed early to try and make a big hit. This is all due to the unpredictable nature of his position. In short, Asif Ali is a player-changing finisher. When the bat is good, Pakistan mostly wins.

But, the fans would like to see him play also when sensible cricket is required without needing to score an unimaginable strike rate. If that is the case, Asif Ali has disappointed often with the latest instance being his 5th T20I against England In that match, all he needed to do was complete the entire quota of 20 overs rather than taking his wicket away by hitting it with a nasty swish.

In the moment the player has only two options for international T20s. He either smashes hard at an excellent strike rate, or he gets out for a low price. He must strike the appropriate balance and play smart cricket in order to increase his performance and be able to win more matches for his nation.


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