An introduction to 30W wireless charging – brought to you by Xiaomi

Xiaomi made the announcement for a Mi charge Turbo event just last week – as the company touted fast charging technology in conjunction with 5G. So then the question arises – what exactly did the company reveal. An introduction to 30W wireless charging – brought to you by Xiaomi.

Well, the company unveiled 30W fast charging capabilities that are set for implementation in future phones. This would represent quite a substantial improvement when taking into comparison the Mi 9’s rather nippy 20W wireless charging.

Xiaomi has talked about the technology saying that a phone that has a 4000mAh battery will reach 50 percent in just 25 minutes, while a full 100 percent will be reached in 69 minutes. These numbers are quite impressive for wired charging – let alone wireless.

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Not only this as Xiaomi is also selling a 30W wireless charging pad to complement the improved fast charging speeds as well as a 20W smart tracking wireless charging pad. This 20W pad has the capabilities to automatically track as well as align its charging coils with the smartphone in question – a luxury which would relieve users of wondering whether charging is indeed taking place. Moreover, the Chinese manufacturer has also said that 30W wireless charging and accessories will make their debut on the upcoming Mi 9 Pro 5G.

This isn’t where the company’s ambitions reach a conclusion though – as it has also confirmed the commencement of 40W wireless charging too! This would put it on par with wired charging solutions that we see on the P30 Pro – just a bit behind as far as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus’ 45W wired charging though – however, very impressive to say the least in any case.

Xiaomi also confirmed that it has made leaps into fast reverse wireless charging, as the company joins both Huawei and Samsung in offering the tech on its phones.

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