Just around five years ago we saw OnePlus making its mark on the smartphone market by introducing its first ever device – the OnePlus One. When you consider how quickly people have started to trade phones, one wouldn’t imagine that too many people would still have the phone in their hands – especially when you consider the fact that it is five years old. However, one owner of the device in India has found out that perhaps owning such an old phone isn’t the greatest of treasure as apparently, the user’s device caught fire.

According to the story, the owner switched off the device at night and kept it close as he went to bed. At around 3 in the morning, the user was awaken by the “suffocating and nauseating” fumes. The victim of the incident has also made a claim that the device wasn’t on charge as the events transpired.

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While the incident does not make many question the build quality that phones from OnePlus pose, it is still a very serious incident. OnePlus India have acted on the situation by recognizing it, and have since proceeded by releasing a statement giving the indication that an investigation is ongoing. A statement released said : “We take such incidents seriously. Our team has already reached out to the user and is investigating further.”

The incident is relatively isolated, however, one would indeed have to consider the fact that this is actually the third time a device from OnePlus has gone up in flames. There is no comparison between this and what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – as that device clearly had a battery defect to account for. There have also been other isolated cases of smartphones from different OEMs going up in flames or even exploding – with users from Xiaomi, Samsung and even Apple facing such situations.


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