Anchor Mureed Abbas and Khizar Hayat have been shot dead

So yesterday the people of Pakistan received saddening news, Anchorperson Mureed Abbas and Khizar Hayat have been murdered by Atif Zaman who was an associate in a business carried out by five people. All three, the two dead Mureed and Khizar and the killer Atif Zaman were friends and partners of the business and according to the Police it is believed that Atif Zaman shot the two over a money dispute between the three.  Moreover it is believed that the business carried out by the gentlemen was of importing Chinese Tyres in to the country and then selling them in the Pakistani Market. Figures show that the business has earned revenue of above 1 Arab PKR.

According the Police the Killer called the two to his office to discuss about the situation regarding the business, as soon as Mureed and Khizer reached the venue and got out of the car(both were travelling together), Atif fired his gun at the two men. Both of the men got wounded severely and lost the battle of life. Atif Zaman, the proposed killer then committed suicide by shooting himself and he too lost his life on this saddening day. It goes to show that greed can lead to loss in life and whatever Atif was trying to achieve here was of no value, he too ended up losing his life in this saddening story.


The wife of Anchor Mureed Abbas mentioned in her interview that Atif Zaman had called Mureed to meet him at 8:15. She also mentioned that the dispute was of 50 Lakh rupees. We hope that Mureed’s wife gathers up the courage to live a life without her husband, surely she has lost the most important personality in the world. Moreover, on the news, DG ISPR also shared his grievances regarding the sad incident.

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