Phones running Android 2.3.7 or older will be banned from Google accounts starting next month

google-to-block-log-ins on older android phones running android 2.3 7

You will not be able to use an older Android phone to log into your Google account if it is running Android 2.3.7 or later. This version of Android OS was released in December 2010. It added support for NFC (near field communication) for mobile payments. Gingerbread was preceded by Android 2.2.3 Froyo. Version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released for smartphones and Android 3.0 Honeycomb on tablets.

The Android Help Google support website says that “As part of our ongoing efforts to keep our users safe, Google will no longer allow sign-in on Android devices that run Android 2.3.7 or lower starting September 27, 2021. Signing in to your device after September 27 may result in username or password issues when trying to use Google products and services such as Gmail, YouTube and Maps.

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You can update your Android device to Android 3.0 or greater if it is available immediately, or at least before September 27, so you can log into your Google account. Google states, “If your Android device cannot be updated to Android 3.0 or higher, you can log in to your Google account using your web browser.” When you log into Google from your web browser, you can still access some Google services.

To access your Google Account using a browser, open your phone’s browser app and go to Go to to access Gmail using your browser on your phone.


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