Google’s latest software, the Android Pie 9.0 has been out of quite some months now, however, not all the users have got the update on their phones. And amongst these were users of the Moto G5 and the Moto G5 Plus. Now, in a recent turn of events, users of the phones have reported to get a notification for the software update, however, the users should not get their hopes high. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you happen to own any of the two phones that I’ve just mentioned, and have actually got the notification, then it’s important for you to note that the update that the phone will get is for Android 8.1 Oreo, not Android Pie 9.0.

However, even if it’s an update to Oreo, it’s still update, isn’t it? And even if you consider the fact that the Oreo update isn’t the latest, it still would be a great jump for all those who are stuck on Android 7 Nougat.

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Coming along with the update, the Android security includes the update of Android security patches, through the first of June, 2018. And also the stability improvements includes changes that fix bugs and improve the stability of your phone. Other enhancements would include the likes of new multitasking features, more efficient notification controls, and also, an improvement in not only in the data saver, but also battery features, a whole new power menu UI, and also improvements in the Bluetooth department.

And while it is true that the monthly security patch is still a few month old, just consider the fact that it’ll just be a few months older, and hence slightly less outdated.


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