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Android 9 Pie Beta for Samsung prone to announcement

Android 9 Pie Beta for Samsung prone to announcement

Samsung most recently changed its Facebook profile picture to a foldable shape, making a clear indication that the Korean company is set to introduce us a foldable phone, at the Samsung’s 2018 developer’s conference.

After the initial leak, which was based in and around the month of September, Samsung has also gone on to suggest that the company’s Android 9 Pie Beta update is just around the corner, and will probably be unveiled at the Samsung’s 2018 developer’s conference as well, which is supposed to take place this week. And though many people are excited over the prospect of a foldable phone from Samsung, more than a few people are also much excited over the company’s Android 9 Pie Beta update.

The app of Samsung’s official developer’s conference has also gone on to reveal something more – the “New Galaxy UX”, which will be arriving with Samsung’s Android 9.0 Pie Beta program. Also, just a few weeks ago, we saw some screenshots of the Samsung Galaxy S9, which was running Android Pie.

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There were some significant changes which were observed in Samsung UX, too. These include a whole new overall look of the settings and menus, a brand new dark mode, updates interfaces for apps which are first-party, and these range from the likes of dialer, to the likes of messages, clock, and calendar, plus a new full-screen gesture for the purposes of navigation support.

While Samsung previously held beta programs on other devices of the company, these were launched for a limited number of participants so not everyone could enjoy and experience. Therefore, if you are planning on to join beta, keep a check on the developer’s conference.

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