Android Gaming Controller Backbone One: Top Notch

Android Gaming Controller Backbone One: Top Notch
Android Gaming Controller Backbone One: Top Notch

Using the right accessories, your smartphone can play games as well as dedicated portable systems. As far as graphics and functionality go, we’re pretty close. But choosing a gaming accessory is a hectic job that requires extensive research. You don’t have to worry. No other Android gaming controller compares to Backbone One. You can call it The Cherry on Top.

The only remaining issue is how the phone actually feels in the hand, emulating the controller-free nature of gaming. A gaming phone with accessories, like the Asus ROG Phone series, is available. A video game controller app can also be used on a regular phone.

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Backbone controller users discovered it earlier last year. There seems to be a demand for Android users’ own taste now. iPhone Backbone controllers are now available with USB Type C. The controller itself does not have the capability to charge smartphones, so a pass-through port for charging the phone is included, along with a headphone jack for listening to music while playing. In addition to the gaming library, Backbone has shortcuts. You can also take screenshots and record gameplay.

It has been reported that the Backbone app will talk to the Xbox and PlayStation apps, as well as the Steam app, and also most of the games that you might find on Google Play Pass. This will map a directional pad and thumb stick, in addition to the amazing array of buttons and shoulder buttons. It’ll provide you with a gaming experience that is comparable to what Sony and Microsoft offer. The only difference is that it will be shaped around your phone.


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