Just this past Thursday, it looked set that Google was starting to roll out a redesigned version of the company’s crucial and vital Android messages app. After the latest update of Android to Google Android Pie, people were expecting some changes, and including these changes, there were actually many people and experts that had imagined that the messages app would have a redesigned new version.

And this indeed turned out to be the case. There was an update for the app, and this update featured some visual changes like getting rid of the blue bar at the top and switching over to the Google Sans font, which actually does indeed belong to Google itself. Not only this, but there was actually the inclusion of a dark mode. This dark mode was there to give an alternative to the default look which was featured with regards to the app, which featured a so-much-white look.

Now you would have imagined at first that these were the features which we were initially presented with, and that these would be taken further for in the future as well, however just last night, as many users on the internet were quick to notice Google went back on its decision of a new design, and reverted back to the old Android Messages design. Now you’d think that the people that had actually updated the app would stay put with the redesigned messaging app – however, this did not turn out to be the case. Even the people that had the updated app got back the old version of the app – to the way it was back before. Just imagine that you had the new messages app yesterday. If you open it up today, then you’ll see that the update is now gone. Much to the surprise of these people, and to the people in general, Google does indeed has the server-side ability to change the look of Message on a dime.

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But why exactly did Google make such a decision? It seemed after the initial reviews that people were actually happy after the latest update, and they were enjoying the latest app at their disposal. So what motivated Google to revert back to the older version? Well, many people have their own theories, however, one theory which is quite popular is that there were some problems that were actually caused by the dark mode which was introduced with the latest update. Or perhaps there was some other problem other than the dark mode one which was causing some issues, there even might have been some other bug that the company might have discovered.

For now, we don’t know what went wrong. There are many theories, however, nothing is actually concrete. However, the update did actually look good, and if anything is to go by, people enjoyed it – for the little time they had it.


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