Android Oreo (Go edition) for phones with low RAM and storage by Google. when it comes to updates we all have seen that entry-level or low priced smartphones are not given much significance apart from in emerging markets. Generally, flagships and mid-range devices are being updated to the most up-to-date version of Android powered by Google.

However Google take a step in this regard as the tech giant is ready to release its lightweight “Android Oreo Go” edition for entry-level smartphones.

There is good news for all those users who were using devices having 512MB to 1GB of RAM as newly launched OS will be compatible with their devices.

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Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Assitant and many others apps will also be launch in lightweight versions by Goggle. These apps will be designed in a way and will be optimized to run on the platform even with small storage devices.

Google is making sure that customers must have sufficient storage for their own content by offering fewer pre-installed apps at Android Go devices with 8GB of internal storage.

Android Go devices will carry 2x the amount of accessible storage on devices with 8GB of internal memory in comparison to a usual build of Oreo.

The list of pre-installed nine apps that will be part of Android Go devices include Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Play,  Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard, Chrome, and the latest Files Go app.

Goggle is in a progress and still working to optimize loading time for an app. Android Go devices will load apps 15% quicker and faster than regular Oreo build. A built-in Google Play Protect will also get feature by Go devices at the same time as the Play Store will also be highlighting the apps which will superior work on the platform.

The Android Oreo (Go edition) is accessible to developers, despite the fact that it will make public entry in a couple of months for normal users. The purpose to develop and release Android Go is target the specifically entry-level market segment in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

The increasing amount of online population in these areas makes it imperative to hit hundreds of millions of new customers.


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