Home Mobile So how’s the Android Pie experience on the Pixel phones?

So how’s the Android Pie experience on the Pixel phones?

So how’s the Android Pie experience on the Pixel phones?
So how’s the Android Pie experience on the Pixel phones?

While many have been going out all and all with latest version of Google’s Android software – Android Pie, many started to mess around with it since March, when the first developer preview landed, however, now, with all the months that have passed on, it’s clear that the latest version of Android software from Google has turned out to be something quite special, to say the least.

It’s fair to say that Android Pie is amongst the biggest, if not the biggest changes that we’ve seen on an Android device in quite a few updates, and if you’re looking for the best experience, much like the previous updates on Google phones, like of the past Nexuses and Pixels, the Pixel 3, Google’s latest android flagship phone is without doubt the best phone to experience Google’s latest software on.

And how exactly are the owners of the Google Pixel 3 feeling? Well, they’re enjoying it :

One user, going by the name of psteve 2005 stated :

“Pie on my Pixel 3 has been faultless so far. I’m not keen on the gestures compared to what I’ve seen of OnePlus and the iPhone, but hopefully, this will change in time.”

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Another user, that goes by the name of DMP89145 too shared his experience on the phone, stating :

“YAH! I am a big proponent of 9.0 on Pixel 3. IMO it is Google at it’s best yet. I’ll start with the heart of the device Google assistant. I’m a big user of GA as a main pillar of the device to handle a lot of the navigation of my daily use. Couple that with the simple and clean interface that 9.0 provides and you have a powerful and efficient OS. To me, 9.0 highlights Google’s strength in…”

While more than a few people went on to state their pleasure with regards to the experience of the OS on the device, there was one user that had some displeasure, as a user, going by the name of Caezar07 went on to state :

“Gestures are terribly implemented, the recent apps page is generally less useful and slower to use, adaptive battery too aggressively kills background apps, and the digital well-being “beta” feature is useless. Who’s idea was it to make an app to constantly track your usage of other apps? Like, Oh, you use app too much? Let’s make an app that gives you a bunch of statistics for you to…”

So while some users expressed their displeasure, the majority stated as to how happy they were with the device, and the performance of Pie on it. So yeah, it really does seem as if Google really did something special.


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