It is the time of the year again when Google releases the initial previews of its android platforms allowing developers to test the software to give feedback to Google so that they can work in polishing the final version. This year, it’s the turn for Q and although we aren’t sure what Google plans to name the release (possible quiche) but its here so let’s take a look at it.

DISCLAIMER: No huge changes

Privacy section in Settings

Privacy is front and centre in Android Q, and that starts with a new section in the settings menu. This new privacy section will give you access to your app permissions, lock screen content settings, preferred autofill service, location history, and usage and diagnostics settings.

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A secretdesktop mode

Google has followed in Huawei and Samsung’s footsteps by offering a desktop mode on Android. This will deliver a computer-style interface when you connect your phone to an external display. You might have to dig to find this feature though.

Accent colours and theming options

In the developer settings at the very bottom, you’ll find a new “theming” section with three options: Accent colour, Headline / Body font, and Icon shape.

You now have the choice between four accent colours: default blue, green, black, and purple.

Sharing menu improvements

Google is bringing some much-needed improvements to Android’s sharing menu. Not only does the share menu look a bit different than it did before, the entire menu shows up faster than it did in previous Android versions.

Sharing Wi-Fi with QR codes

If, by chance, you’d like to share your Wi-Fi network with a friend, you can do so via QR code. Just select the network you want to share, click the Share icon, and verify your phone’s passcode. A unique QR code will show up that your friend can use to easily scan and join the Wi-Fi network.

All-in-all with the recent media stories regarding privacy invasions, Google made sure it made privacy its top priority in the latest version of Android coupled with giving the user maximum autonomy over apps. Smart move Google!


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