Android TV, Google and Google Play end the APK era

Android TV, Google and Google Play end the APK era
Android TV, Google and Google Play end the APK era

Smart television usage is on the rise. To improve the user experience, software and hardware manufacturers add new features. The Google TV operating system has undergone significant changes. From May 2023, Android TV and Google TV apps will be bundled in the Android App Bundle (AAB) format instead of APKs.

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From 2023, Google TV and Android TV require app bundles

There are a number of benefits to this Android policy. As a result of their ability to archive apps, users are less likely to delete AAB programs. The archiving option saves 60% of space so people do not have to delete their apps. In addition, AAB apps are faster, smaller, and more current. The company is removing its own app store as an alternative, of course.

The following are all the advantages of application packages:

  • Bundles save space by optimizing to fit each device.
  • These apps can be archived (which reclaims 60% of app storage), so users can keep more apps on their TV.
  • The Google Play app bundle works on all Android devices, including TVs, phones, tablets, watches, and cars.
  • A single artefact containing your app’s code and resources is used to serve optimized apps to different device configurations.

According to Josh Wentz of Google TV Product Management, TV has transformed from linear channel surfing to on-demand content with multi-app experiences over the past few decades. More than 10,000 apps are available for Android TV OS. The lack of storage results in users uninstalling apps. In Nov 2020, Android introduced App Bundles to address this problem. From May 2023, Google TV and Android TV will require users to download Android App Bundles that can be archived.

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