Android users dislike the idea of notches in upcoming phones, survey. If you’re an Android user then you must know the struggle of bearing a notch on your smartphone. While smartphone manufacturers are now including the notch but interestingly, users haven’t liked the idea, particularly Android users.

According to a recent survey by Andrioid Authority, users don’t like the notch in their smartphone. 50,000 votes were taken across in two days of voting. In order to know the users’ point of view regarding the notch and how it will affect a customer’s next smartphone purchase.

The poll was done by Notch poll, as you can see in the image below.

According to the details of survey 38% or nearly 4/10 voters declared they simply will not buy a phone with a notch at all.

Then, the next largest voting line was of 23% stating that although they don’t fancy them but they’ll survive with the notch.

Furthermore, 13% respondents said that they’ll get a notch phone only if there’s a choice to hide it and it is possible that a variety of future notch phones will have the disable option.

At the end there were only 5% of the notch fans and the rest 21% couldn’t give a damn about the notch at all.

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On the other hand, there is a big market of new smartphones like LG G7, OPPO F7, Huawei P20 series, OnePlus 6 etc, are all either are confirmed to have notches or rumored to have one.

Since the start of 2018, flagships and mid-rangers phones look as if to adopt the design of iPhone X’s notch.

We can clearly see the clash of interest as smartphone manufacturers are now embedding the notch. However, it is not popular amongst the people especially Android users.

Here are some of the top comments by survey respondents on the Notch poll where people are expressing concerns regarding the notch design:

“I’d rather have very slim bezels than a notch. A notch will block some parts of the content on your screen while you’re in landscape mode. They get in the way while you’re watching videos, playing games, etc.”

Another user put his concerns into words by saying,

“Notch? No buy. Just like the headphone jack: No headphone jack, no buy. It’s that simple.”

“It destroys the harmony and symmetry of the screen. Ugly”

“Got the Note 8 … So I don’t think I need a new phone for two years, ie until notch period is over….”

However, it seems that within next two years we may get rid of notch problem. As, display and component manufacturers raise their under-glass game or new bezel-less solutions found in Vivo’s Apex concept smartphone.

Now, it’s your turn to tell, will you prefer a notch phone or not? If you didn’t take part in the Notch poll, then surely you can tell us about your choice in the comments section below.

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