Hollywood actress and humanitarian activist Angelina Jolie has brought attention to the disparity in justice served to different groups, even within the United Nations. In a conversation with Syrian journalist and filmmaker Waad Al Kateab, the Lara Croft star revealed that her initial belief in the existence of “good guys” in authorities was shattered as she delved into international humanitarian work two decades ago.
Jolie expressed her disillusionment, asserting that human rights often become entangled with “business interests” rather than genuine concerns. As a former UN goodwill ambassador and special envoy until the previous year, she labeled the current state of affairs as “ugly.” She found it disheartening, particularly given her firsthand witness to war crimes.

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Highlighting the control and abuse faced by developing countries, Jolie emphasized that pursuing resources exacerbates these issues, even within the United Nations, where final veto power resides. According to her, this dynamic has persisted throughout history.
Addressing recent events, the Wanted star condemned the war crimes committed against Palestinians by the Israeli military. Jolie criticized Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and its impact on civilians, calling for immediate and stringent action.
Sharing a poignant image of the devastation in Gaza on social media, Jolie decried the intentional bombing of a trapped population, emphasizing Gaza’s status as an open-air prison for nearly two decades. She drew attention to the alarming number of innocent children among the casualties. She accused governments of complicity in crimes by not demanding a humanitarian cease-fire through the UN Security Council.
In her passionate plea for justice, Jolie underscored the collective punishment and dehumanization of millions of Palestinian civilians, urging the international community to act by humanitarian principles and international law.


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