Another way with which OnePlus might hide the cameras?

OnePlus cameras

OnePlus is in the ever increasing list of manufacturers that find themselves working hard to conceal the cameras on their phones – though with the recent phones that the company has launched, you wouldn’t be too far off if you think that OnePlus tries a bit more in this department.

With that said though, now, a OnePlus patent goes on to show another phone which is capable of hiding the rear camera sensor. But this device uses a very different mechanism than the more conventional methods.

The patent shows off a smartphone with lenses that actually disappear when they aren’t in use. Unlike the concept one, with this terminology implemented, the phone will hide its rear cameras beneath a plastic flap. The images in the patent filing showcase a OnePlus 7T-like circular camera housing. This time around though, the lens were actually shown to be arranged in a vertical manner.

Two phone models have been shown to be depicted in the patent. One of these devices features with three cameras and a flash, while the other arrived with four cameras and a flash. Both have the plastic flap integrated within in order to conceal the camera sensors.

Though many theories may be presented, it is thought that the priority for protection is one of the major reasons why OnePlus is looking to launch a phone with hidden cameras. Of course, sensors have been known in the past to attain dirt and scratches.

This new mechanism is also actually much simpler than what has been showcased in the OnePlus Concept One. The transparent glass that is used in the Concept One is a lot more expensive to produce when compared with the simple plastic flap which is described in the new patent.

And so, a cheaper cost of production may indeed motivate the Chinese manufacturer to launch the design within the market instead of the concept one!


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