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Anti-bacterial shirt?

Just yesterday, Xiaomi Youpin platform went on to launch the 90 points anti-bacterial shirt which was actually made by RunMi – a subsidiary of Xiaomi. As the name goes on to suggest, the T-shirt features with antibacterial properties and is made available for a price of around $10.

The T-shirt currently happens to be available in colors ranging from the likes of hemp gray, to the likes of blue gray as well as fragnant red color. It also goes on to be available in several different sizes : these including medium, large, extra large and even 2XL. The shirt happens to be made with a rather seamless one piece weaving process which has the side as well as the insides lined in order to reduce the friction that exists between the connecting regions.

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The shirt happens to be made from soft yarn and incorporates a wide variety of fiber components. There also is present a rather improved weaving process which enhances both elasticity as well as the comfortable body stretch as far as the entire garment goes. Moreover, the fabric in question also happens to be antibacterially treated so as to being rated for the national standard AA levels. This means that it inhibits the growth of bacteria to much of an extent and also makes it quite harder to give out an odor – all in all, keeping the body quite fresh.


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