Anything and everything is hack-able in today’s world

Latest network hacks “prove we live in an insecure and unsafe world” warned by Jan Arendshorst, a worldwide leader in IoT security and global strategy at Verizon (pictured), as he called for an instantaneous focus on the increasing security risk around interconnected devices.

Arendshorst explained during an interview with Mobile World Live, it was becoming ever more vital for the industry and other verticals to work together and struggle in opposition to the growing threat of cyber crime and hacking, with IoT at the sensitivity of his thinking.

“IoT is a good means of transportation to get into that two-way mode, not just for operators, but for economic services organizations, government agencies and other sectors of industry as well,” he added: “We have seen a lot of focal point on the mobile side, a lot of focus on the identity of the user, now it’s the right time to put the focus on the IoT side.”

Arendshort give details IoT and interconnected devices “will have an identity on its own”, and every different device which is unified and interconnected, in the home, for example, will create data that will require being protected.

In the recent interview, the Verizon executive also opened up on operators’ accountability in shielding and protecting user data, and exposed his thoughts on what the EU’s future GDPR legislation will denote for the internet.

Watch the full interview to get the clear idea about IoT and rising security issues Click here.



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