A few years back, when I, for myself, was going through all poster of university entrance test preparations, a significant portion of my time went into collecting all the material and getting all the resources. Adding up to the mind focus and concentration required in organizing all this, a momentous amount of cash was also a big requirement. The application, dubbed STEP by PGC, is all-inclusive sufficient by having as much information and content that a student can need prior to appearing in an entrance test.

Over 41,000 students come out Last year, in the combined entry test for admission in engineering universities apprehended by the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) whilst more than 50,000 appeared for the ECAT.

The mobile app is launched for Android phones, as Android is a platform of choice for many students owing to its broad availability in Pakistan. An iOS version is as well in order and will be launched in a month’s time.

Key Features

Following are the key features of the app.

  1. Live admission and opportunity updates

Through this app, you can get live admission updates form an essential part of the platform.

  1. Practice MCQs

PGC has added in addition 30,000 MCQs on the app for practice.

  1. Past Entrance Test Exams

The app also holds entrance tests of past years so that students can have a demo before appearing in entry test.

  1. Counselor Services

A counselor is offered on the tap of a toggle for help and support.

Overall this initiative by PGC is an impressive application which, I personally consider that it would appear to be a valuable addition for the students. The perception of utilizing mobile technology for localized learning circumstances hasn’t been in the region of in Pakistan and this application surely acts as a pioneer in this field.

Furthermore, with the current load-shedding of electricity in the country, the app will turn out to be a secure haven for students looking to dig up extraordinary access to entry test training material. The app offers rescue to students having any trouble with MDCAT admission, ECAT admission or NTS admission. On top of that, a smartphone will permit the students to carry on practicing and get ready for the entry test exams on the go.

 GUI of the app is also very responsive. Gathering this much content under the wraps of one app, this will certainly be of vital help to the students.


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