According the Barwaqt’s reply to NetMag about the story the app was taken off for maintenance on the backend. The app claims that it was taken down by their own staff and they expect it to be restored on the 18th July of 2022, Monday.

However, Google has confirmed the incident. Google spokesperson confirmed Google’s involvement noting that “After more investigation, we’ve found that they are not in compliance with our policies and have taken appropriate action.”

Barwaqt, an Pakistani financial app that has been infamous for stealing user information and exploiting customers , has now was removed from Google Play Store. The numerous complaints of the app’s victims have been uncovered.

Looking for the application on the Play Store now shows that the link has been removed.

For those who aren’t aware Barwaqt is an Pakistani application for online loans which offers a variety of ways for getting money. The company says that customers’ data is safe, however, Barwaqt has been known for stealing personal information such as phone numbers, names emails, names as well as other information.

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Government officials have also cautioned users against using this app in past.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has warned the digital lending industry Nonbank financial firms (NBFCs) of regulation if full disclosure and ethical business practices aren’t provided by the sector in general.

SECP recently held a Zoom meeting of CEOs of NBFCs involved in lending via digital channels to discuss media reports of excessive interest rates, insufficient disclosures and coercive collection practices which are allegedly being employed from lending platform.

This Twitter thread below discusses the controversy that the app has been involved in during its time.

The motive behind the removal of the app is not clear, but it’s likely to have something to do with have to do with the growing number of reports received from scam’s victims.


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