As you may or may not know, some of the iPhone X users came forward to state that they were facing some critical problems when it came to the touch-screen of the IPhone X. Apple have now admitted that there are some units of the phone which may have faulty touch-screens. Furthermore they pointed out that this problem consisted in Apple iPhone X only and so Apple have announced a replacement program for the in discussion phone which will be giving incentives to the users who are facing the touch-screen problem on their IPhone X.

Furthermore if you are in-fact one of those consumers who have had to bear with the problem of ghost touches or in some cases the panel does not respond to your touches at all well in either case you are now eligible to get yourself a free replacement of the phone. What you have to do therefore is to contact your local Apple service center, tell them the problem and let them fix this issue by replacing the touch-screen panel or even the whole phone which ever suits the consumer most.

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Apple has suggested that you may choose from the following set of instructions.

  • Find an Apple authorized repair center near you
  • Now make an appointment with the Apple store
  • Finally contact Apple on the Apple support to mail in your request to get yourself a replacement of the touch unit or the phone.

Now as you all know the IPhone X was introduced to the globe last year and it was thought to be one of the greatest smartphone Apple has ever created. Now it was a great addition to the smartphone industry and is still considered a huge-revolution in the Industry after Apple planted the Face ID feature and a very high-end camera and at the time was one of the fiercest competitor of the Huawei P20 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S9 and in terms of design was elegant and the notch was the next big Innovation so it is necessary for Apple to put a stop to any such problems incurred by the millions of consumers Apple have under their belt.


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