In this modern day and age, privacy has become the biggest luxury we cant afford. The internet has successfully made our lives as public as possible and even though some might use it for awareness purposes, there is always sometime when you don’t want to part of the world, just their sitting at your home quietly not making a fuss. But tech got so advanced it has deprived us of our sweet little privacy times. There is always a threat of  someone seeing or listening. From taping the camera of your laptop to doing the craziest thing just to not let Facebook or Google spy on us, this is where we are at!. Apple apologizes over snooping around siri recordings.

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However, there is a new bad boy in town! And its Apple! Recently Apple unveiled its siri grading program where it listens to the recordings and makes the experience better and more accurate. However, the Guardian quickly pointed out that there were hired contractors who were listening and that meant a lot of private data being made public. This caused an outcry from people who were disappointed that Apple has become part of the act too and with IOS bragging about its security, this situation meant that all that bragging was for nothing. Thereafter, Apple amended the laws which now state that Apple’s employees would be listening to recordings of only those willing to participate in the Siri grading program. They also issued an apology:

We realize we haven’t been fully living up to our high ideals, and for that we apologies. We’ve decided to make some changes to Siri, our goal with Siri, the pioneering intelligent assistant, is to provide the best experience for our customers while vigilantly protecting their privacy

We believe that now it would probably be better to trust Apple on this.


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