The Apple AR headset has indeed been hinted yet again, with the latest report coming in from popular analyst in Ming-Chi Kuo. Indeed the upcoming headset will make way and offer a rather wide range of advanced AR (Augmented Reality) experiences.

As per the note which comes in from Kuo, it has been suggested that Apple will in fact integrate a total of 15 image sensors in the AR headset, which is rumored to launch next year. At the current moment in time, the current generation of VR headsets typically make way with anywhere between two and five cameras for interacting with its surrounding environment or indeed performing image pass through operations. Eight of these camera modules will be supplied primarily by Largan.

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These sensors will in fact be placed around the headset so as to facilitate a pass through VR experience. In more simpler terms, the technology will actually allow users to “see through” the enclosed device by feeding exterior images right onto the display on the inside of the headset. It is in fact reported then that the Apple AR headset will make way with high resolution MicroLED display panels. Moreover, the company is expected to bring about “innovative biometrics” which are likely to work through additional six modules.

Unfortunately enough for now, we have no idea present which might suggest that this biometric system would be similar to face ID or whether it will end up capturing facial data, or other forms of authentication in relation to facial features as well as their movements. Interestingly enough though, this feature might end up having other applications in VR as well. The final camera module which is to be installed will be done so for the sake of environmental detection. With regards to what has been suggested by Kuo, the very first iteration the rumored headset will launch sometime next year – which will also make way with the latest processor in place as well as onboard storage.


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