Apple to bring iCloud messages back in iOS 11.3 beta 1

Apple to bring iCloud messages back in iOS 11.3 beta 1
Apple to bring iCloud messages back in iOS 11.3 beta 1

Apple is going to launch a ride of new feature soon as it has released its first beta iOS 11.3 for the developers that comprise some new features for the iPhone users. So iPhone users, are you ready for that?

We all know that Animojis have always been a greater edge for iPhone users, in new update, apart from new Animojis, in which you just have to use your voice and facial expressions to create and record Animoji messages, Apple is getting back its much-anticipated “Messages in iCloud” feature.

Apple also had tried the same feature for the beta versions of iOS 11 but later it was removed for the reason that it was not ready for mass production at that time.

However for now, Apple has re-introduced “Messages in iCloud” feature in its latest beta version of 11.3. The feature is currently accessible for “testing and evaluation functions”.

Soon this update will be launch for everyone as currently it is in testing phase and is available for the developers only.

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The edge for iPhone users by having this feature is automatically synchronization of all of the messages as when a user sign-in from a different device with its iCloud ID it synchronize the messages. As a result, the Messages in iCloud help out Apple users to get free space on their iPhone by keeping their photos and other attachment in iCloud.

This allows smaller and faster backups to be created on the device. Messages and conversations deleted from one device are instantly removed from every other device.

However, messages in iCloud will necessitate users to turn on two-factor authentication as well as the iCloud backup will have to be enabled.

On the other hand, iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch will get benefit from this iOS update.

Many new feature including Messages in iCloud, Batteries and Performance, Health Records in Health app, and a variety of other up-to-date features is the part of the iOS 11.3 Beta.

So fingers crossed and let’s hope for the best that Messaging in iCloud feature will create its way through the beta testing this time.


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