Talk about being confident about the software that you make. Apple has outdone itself this time by offering $1 million to anyone who is able to find a critical security flaw in IOS OR MACOS.

At the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Apple made the announcement to get all the security experts and researchers in the working. Not only this, but any findings which are significant enough would also be receiving huge amounts of rewards. However, there ‘s a catch, there always is!

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Apple has stated that the $1 million would only be considered if the attacker is able to get access of the IPHONE kernel without any action required from the user. Apple has sweetened the deal by offering configured iphones with some of the security features disabled making it “easier” for the researchers to have a go at it.

These security challenges have been done by Google quite a lot where google offered money for finding flaws in ChromeOS and Android.

Such challenges present a fun way to dig deep into the most secure if the operating systems and since Apple’s IOS is not open source like Android, it is even more difficult to break in, some would say even impossible but that is for the security researchers to figure out. Apple’s last major prize was $200,000 to anyone who is able to point out bugs which could be fixed with software updates. This is a very interesting way of beta testing software and with the level of time spent by Apple software specialists on the security of their software, it is going to one difficult task.

All security researchers are welcome to submit their reports for the bounty. The expectations of anyone taking away the bounty are slim but lets see!

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