Apple enjoys 75% of the global smartphone profits

Apple iPhone 12 assembly in India

A new report now has gone on to indicate that the iPhone 12 as well as other smartphone devices amongst Apple portfolio rake in most (75%) of the operating profits as well as 40% of the revenue which happens to be generated via the global smartphone sales based in Q2 of 2021, despite the fact that it accounts for only 13% of the annual shipments

This comes in despite also the fact that the likes of both Xiaomi as well as Realme have gone on to record growth during the same period, with Xiaomi also managing bagging second place as far as the number of smartphones sold goes.

While this report coming in from Counterpoint research does only further reiterate how big of a giant Apple is within the smartphone world, this year’s figures are in fact lower than the ones that we saw from Q4 2020 when the company managed to record a staggering 50% revenue share. Its profits also ended up touching an unprecedented 86% – up from the 51% mark which was cemented in the previous quarter.

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Of course with all this said, it’s very important to consider the fact that since Apple doesn’t share official sales numbers, all that has been stated here is in fact based on Counterpoint’s own calculations and not based on official information released by Apple itself.

Anyways though, the Q4 2020 feat can indeed be attributed to Apple’s iPhone 12 series which ended up selling like hotcakes – mostly due to the fact that it was the first time Apple introduced an iPhone with the support for 5G onboard. Also, the company saw a jump from 9% to 17% in its shipment share during the same period in time.

It is likely that for the foreseeable future, Apple will end up retaining such a position while at the same time continue to improve its services.


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