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Apple enthusiasts’ opt for older watch models

We’re just on the cusp of the Apple watch series 4 reveal, and this time around, there is good news, and there is bad news for Apple. The good news come courtesy of Counterpoint Research’s Global Smartwatch Tracker, which states that Apple, not for the first time, is the market leader in the second quarter of 2018. Apple has 41 percent of the market share, and while there seems to be all good news for Apple, that isn’t in particular the case.

The bad news for Apple is that last year around this time of the year, Apple has 48 percent of the market share, while Fitbit has surprised many by jumping from 8 percent, all the way up to 21 percent. And if you think that this is where the bad news ends, well, then you’re wrong, as there is even more bad news breaking out for Apple.

It’s been more than three years since the launch of the Apple watch series 1, and even after such a substantial period of time, this still remains to be the most popular smartwatch model. As a matter of fact, the series 3 model was actually just the fourth most popular of the smartwatches we’ve seen in the last quarter, as both Fitbit Versa and Amazfit’s BIP managed better sale numbers than Apple’s most recent addition to the Apple watch lineup.

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Most notably, experts have been left quite shocked as Apple users continue to purchase the series 1 rather than the latest series 3. The experts have stated that this is a clear indication by the users that they are choosing series 3 preferably if they want to have the option of cellular connectivity, while otherwise, the series 1 remains the most popular of models, as it contributed to almost nine out of ten apple watches sold in Q2, 2018.

Another reason as to why the series 1 continued to be of such great popularity and success is probably down to the pricing factor. The series 1 watches regularly go sale for around under 200 dollars, and so the customers prefer not to splash so much cash on a watch, as is the case with the series 3 models. Apple now though, is expecting big things from the upcoming series 4, as the company is taking a huge radical leap forward with the latest and upcoming smartwatch series.


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