Apple expects massive sales with regards to 2020’s 5G iPhones

Apple expects massive sales with regards to next Year’s 5G iPhones
Apple expects massive sales with regards to next Year’s 5G iPhones

Two months ago, Apple launched its latest iPhone 11 series. Now though, reports for next year’s iPhones are already making their way onto the internet. One might argue then that with the next year’s devices taken into account – the feature of 5G might just be amongst the hottest – if not the hottest feature within the models. And Apple expects this support for 5G to be the driving force with regards to sales.

Reports have indicated that Apple is expecting more than 100 million 5G iPhones sales in the next year alone. If this does turn out to be true, then it would represent a massive jump from the 70-80 million shipments expected of the current iPhone 11 series. And while Apple hasn’t actually officially confirmed up until now whether the next generation iPhones will feature with 5G or not, an executive from Qualcomm did suggest that they will.

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Apple will also be looking to target the 5G enthusiasts based in China amongst others countries. China already is a very potent market when 5G is taken into account and the rise of technology is only like to grow even further. In all its essence, there are already many 5G devices present in the country, from a bunch of manufacturers like Huawei as well as Xiaomi, with other manufacturers also looking to launch their take on 5G sooner rather than later.

It was argued that with the market for 5G growing ever so smoothly, the fact that the current generation iPhones don’t feature with the latest connectivity option meant that it was to be a drawback for Apple. However, things will certainly change when the company finally launches its 5G enabled iPhones next year, as people will without doubt be looking to get their hands on the next batch!


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