Expensive secrets of Apple revealed in relation to the iPhone 8

Expensive secrets of Apple revealed in relation to the iPhone 8

Everything about the iPhone 8 is now pretty much revealed. From the user interface to its new design, everything there is to know about the iPhone 8 is pretty much already known. These secrets weren’t kept in the best manner, but there is still one secret that Apple might still be holding onto.

The launch is pretty close, however, rumours continue to circulate about the phone, and many are led to believe that this particular phone will not be of great consequence to the wallets of the buyers.

People cannot believe that Apple will demand 50 percent more for the iPhone 8 than it did for the iPhone 7. This huge increase in price, in just a year, has and is continuing to divide opinion. It almost seems impossible, doesn’t it?

Experts from around the world have noted that Apple demanding a 1200 dollar price tag for the iPhone 8 makes no sense, arguing that the base OLED model should be costing nothing more than $900, which, in itself is a 40 percent rise to the $649 base model of the iPhone 7.

It also begs the question: so a 40% price increase makes sense and has logic but not 50%? Or, to be exact, 53.9% as the iPhone 8 is expected to start at $999 (64GB) rising to $1,099 (256GB) and topping out at $1,199 for a massive 512GB.

One reasoning given to the high increase in price is that Apple is not treating the iPhone 8 as a successor to the iPhone 7, rather it just as might be that the iPhone 8 is a new flagship, and new leaks have gone so far so to claiming that Apple just might call the iPhone 8 as the ‘iPhone Edition’, rather than what we expect, being called the ‘iPhone 8.’

So far the common consensus is the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be succeeded by new incremental upgrades called the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, so the leaks relate to it being called the ‘iPhone Edition’ just might make sense.

Now, the price tag on the iPhone 8 no doubt represents an astronomical amount of money, it surely does not mean that the phone might not live out to be worthy of the price tag. The iPhone 8 is expected to come with quite a lot of upgrades, and whether it will be worthy of its price tag – we can only wait and see.


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