Apple faces a new set of “batterygate” related lawsuits

Apple faces a new set batterygate

Earlier in the week, tech giant Apple faced a huge fine of 10 million Euros in Italy after it was found out that the company misled consumers with regards to the water resistance feature on its iPhones. And now, Apple is facing an additional set of lawsuits with regards to its infamous “batterygate” practice.

For those of you who aren’t unaware : batterygate is actually used to describe the actions of a manufacturer when it intentionally slows down or throttles the performance of older phones. This is apparently done so as to preserve the system stability of older devices that run newer firmware, however, the practice has come under question over the course of the past few years. The manufacturer previously paid a large sum of 113 million dollars in settlement to consumers over fraud allegations in the US for this practice being implemented on the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and the iPhone SE models.

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And as things stand now, a total of five European consumer organizations have gone on to file yet another set of class action lawsuits against Apple in both Belgium as well as Spain. These allegations also happen to be over the same planned obsolescence issue as well as claims that both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s models are now facing intentional slowdowns as well. Moreover, the lawsuit also is asking the company to compensate customers affected by such an issue with “at least 60 euros per device” in both the respective countries. In addition to this, more lawsuits are also being planned in both Italy as well as Portugal.

Apple though has always denied the claims that have been made with regards to the batterygate lawsuits and claimed that it only reached a settlement it pay up its users to “avoid burdensome and costly litigation.” In more simpler terms, the settlements were just in order to remove the case and not to deal with the issue at hand.


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