Apple faces the biggest history operating system code leaked online. Hackers got another chance to tease the OP of iPhones as source code for one of the most reticent parts of the iPhone’s operating system appears to have been leaked online.

However, this time it seems that hackers can give tough time to Apple as leak can be described as “the biggest in history” due to the fact that now hackers can develop attacks against iPhones.

The situation is really intense for Apple as hackers can utilize this leak to design new attacks against Apple’s operating system iOS.

According to IT experts, the code has apparently been taken from the “iBoot” part of the iOS. Booting is process which is basically begins to boot the operating system of a computer when it is turned on.

On the other hand, the stealing source of this code is still mysterious as it is not yet known whether the code came from inside Apple or not. But, security researchers consider it is genuine.

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Jonathan Levin, an expert on iPhone internal software while speaking to online technology publication Motherboard, said: “This is the biggest leak in history. It’s a huge deal.”

Mr Levin further added that the code seemed to be legitimate and genuine as it matched his own efforts to overturn engineer the software that powers iPhones.

Apart from the fact that code was for the outdated iOS 9 which was released in September 2015, it is yet to expected that parts of that code may still be in exercise underpinning the iPhone’s security in later releases. It can be true, because in most of the cases the latest version do include some main parts of the previous versions.

However, now the code has now been swapped with a copyright notice to the initially published to a depository on programming website GitHub. Well, from this move we can take it hint that code was authentic.

Andy Kays, chief technology officer at British cybersecurity firm Redscan, told a news source

 “The release of the iBoot code demonstrates that vendors can’t take it for granted that source code will always remain hidden. Vendors relying excessively on code obfuscation to maintain the security of their products will always be vulnerable to leaks.”

Mr Kays said that Apple has taken significant steps to perk up the protection of its products “so users of its latest devices don’t need to be unduly concerned by the release of the iBoot firmware.” He added.

Well, it all employs that hackers are hackers, no matter how great technology giant you’re. There is always a way for hacker to dig a security hole in your map.


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