Apple faces music over its faulty “speaker” output!

Apple faces music over its faulty
Apple faces music over its faulty "speaker" output!

Apart from innovative design, Apple is also famous for its quality products. Since when it comes to quality many people would prefer Apple over other tech giants. However, it seems that now Cupertino is losing control over such factors because a chain of embarrassing errors are leading people to question whether Apple has lost its eye for detail.

Apple is going through some serious kind of array of errors as just weeks after Apple recognized, then solved, a stifling problem in its updated line of “Pro-level” laptops, users are now reporting another issue in MacBook Pro‘s Speakers.

It is certainly throwing Apple‘s quality control in an embarrassing situation. After witnessing this issue, a number of users reported and shared the problem at Reddit and YouTube. The problem has been like that. Due to the recent bug or some hardware issue, it seems that both 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro‘s are having an issue resulting into a cracking sound in its speakers. It’s kind of distortion that’s present even at a pretty low volume.

It’s ridiculous as these speakers were advertised as taking “listening to new levels with wide dynamic range and more bass for the maximum boom.” Adding fuel to fire, Apple also mentioned that these speakers were its best yet, with a straight connection to the power supply that allowed “peak amplification.”

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On the other hand, currently, it’s unclear what’s causing the issue, though a source familiar with the matter says Apple is aware of the issue, and looking for a solution.

According to users, the issue as one that primarily happens in particular applications, such as Apple Music, iTunes, or Garage Band. Others say they are having the same issue in YouTube videos as well. Meanwhile, others report that when they are using Windows via BootCamp they are also noticing this problem. It means it could be a hardware issue, rather than a software “bug.”

There could be a number of potential causes behind this bug, maybe it happened from radio interference due to a lack of shielding, bad audio drivers, or even Apple’s new T2 chip.

However, the issue is yet another embarrassment for a company that released a much-anticipated update to its Pro-level devices just to be met directly with lots of issues that point at poor quality control.

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Well, Apple recently revealed this, a $200 leather sleeve that covers its own charging ports. Or, perhaps that’s a feature, instead of a truly embarrassing bug.

Do you also have the same issue with your MacBook Pro? Tell us in the comment section below.


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