Apple, already suffering from supply troubles due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage, is now also at the very same time facing slow demand. The company told its component suppliers that it may not order as many units as were previously indicated.

The tech giant has already cut its iPhone 13 production goal by as many as ten million units this year, down from the 90 million target thanks to the shortage of course in parts availability. However, at the same time, the brand was hoping to make up for the decline next year but this does not seem too likely now. 

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The holiday season will be supplying the company with a much needed boost though, as analysts predict that sales will increase by six percent to $117.9 billion in the final three months of the calendar year. This still won’t be what Apple had previously envisioned though. Shortages along with delivery delays have already gone on to frustrate many consumers as a large number of them have finally gone on to call quits in trying to acquire the hard to get iPhone 13 – leading of course then to a decline in demand. 

Such consumers are then likely to skip the iPhone 13 altogether and instead will then be setting their cross hairs for on the next year’s iPhone 14 when it finally goes live. After all, the iPhone 13 is only a minor upgrade from the iPhone 12 – both in terms of specifications and also of course design. The iPhone 14 though, on the other hand, is expected to bring about a large variety of major improvements which will probably motivate buyers to buy the device more in comparison to the iPhone 13. Whether this ends up being the case : only time will tell. But for now, we can only wait and see. 


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