The Foldable iPhone?

apple foldable iphone smartphone

Just last year, foldable smartphones become a reality and now it seems as if the concept is here to stay. While Korean manufacturer Samsung just recently proceeded on to launch its second generation foldable smartphone, Huawei as well as Motorola are gearing up to follow the same suite.

Other smartphone manufacturers too are looking to get into the game, however, they are yet to make anything official. Apple also seems to be working on a similar concept itself, as has been revealed via a patent application which has been filed by the American brand.

And now, a YouTuber in Jon Prosser who has a rather decent track record with regards to Apple related leaks has confirmed that the company is indeed working on its very own foldable device. However, he further added that the device from Apple might not be what everyone may expect.

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Indeed he revealed that the phone is not in fact a real foldable one but rather has a “fabric hinge” which would make its way with two separate displays. Indeed the hinge would then be used to keep debris out so as to make the device a more durable one than the current batch of foldable smartphone – the screen though, won’t actually bend or indeed fold.

He further added that the device would be created in such a way that when opened, it would have a single continuous display instead of two separate panels – even though that it is in fact the case. Indeed the phone’s prototype model is actually based on iPhone 11 with stainless steel hinges.

Taking into consideration the fact that other than information revealed from Jon himself, there isn’t any other news that actually goes on to confirm such developments. Hence, it would be wise to take such speculation with a pinch of salt and wait for further news to pop up – ideally of course in an official medium.


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