Apple goes on to patent unique hinge design

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A new Apple patent has made its way online in which there is a detailed mechanism given out by the company in relation to a rather unique hinge design. It has been no secret that the brand has been working on many different ideas via these patents – with the latest one going on to showcase how actually a display can expand along with the hinge articulation points for what could be a future foldable iPhone device.

In accordance with what a recent report has gone on to suggest, Apple actually had one of its patent applications be recently published just earlier in the week. The patent was titled as “Electronic devices having folding expandable displays.” The company had gone on to patent certain design for the sake of a foldable iPhone in the past too, and the latest proceedings just come as more proof that the company is in fact getting set to launch a new foldable handset sometime in the future.

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One notable aspect though with respect to the very latest patent is actually the company’s work on the hinge structure. When taking a look at the patent, a multi-link hinge structure can actually be observed – this meaning that the hinge isn’t actually comprised of one single mechanism rather features with multiple complex structures in its entirety. The patent also states that the hinge structure could on to include “gear teeth, belts, and/or other movement synchronization structures” and may also feature “members that move relative to each other during bending.”

In more simpler terms, the patent could possibly be for a form of expendable display iPhone or even an iPhone which features with a slide out display. This might be indicative as a result of the “housing structures that support folding motions, sliding motions, scrolling motions, and/or other behavior,” which of course might be for the sake of a compact device that has the capabilities to offer additional screen real estate. 


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