Apple and Google are not amongst the America’s best brands now, survey. Admit the fact that when it comes to top notch brands name and organizations like Apple and Google we expected to take these brands as the best-reputed firms out there. Indeed, they are amongst the leading companies in the world. However, things have changed for both of them.

Recently, Harris Poll Reputation revealed an annual survey and according to this survey, the firms have lost bit their brand reputations, entailing that people haven’t been much concerned in these companies.

The Harris Poll survey has been conducted since 1999 and is an annual poll. The purpose of this annually conducted survey is to rank the popular brands from different domains beside the parameters like vision and leadership, social responsibility, and emotional appeal.

In order to find out which brand had the top reputation, total 800 US adults were part of the survey and it was carried out between December 11 and January 12 by 25.

On the other hand, Amazon is top of the list just like it has been coming for past five years, at the same time as Tesla was at the third position, shock climbing up from the ninth place last year.

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In the list of top 10 brands, these two were the only technology-related firms.

Now, coming to the primary subject, the point is last year Apple was at the fifth position but this year it has dropped straight to the 29th position.

Interestingly, this nosedive puts it 18 places behind Microsoft, seven places behind Netflix, four places behind LG and even 15 places at the back of Kellogg’s which is the famous food manufacturing company.

On the other side, tech giant Google until that time was at the eighth place has now sinks down to the 28th rank.

We can consider the some factors behind this move as Apple’s recent Battery issues crisis which found many iPhone users with slowed devices, and concerns about company. On the other side, Google-owned YouTube and Facebook were influenced by Russian operatives during the 2016 presidential race and could be the reason behind this rating.

It is important to mention here that these surveys should not be taken true overall. As last year, another survey ranked Apple as ‘most intimate brand’. Furthermore, the earlier month it also topped the list of most innovative companies.

However, CEO of Harris Poll John Gerzema, surmises that the potential reason for Apple and Google’s turn down in the survey being discussed could be the lack of gripping products introduced this year as compared to the previous years, making these less stirring than their direct or indirect  competitors.


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